Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Decorations

I admit it. I love my Christmas decorations - the tree, the silver, white and gold ornaments, the snowflake-shaped lights, the wrath, my angel figurines...Most of the people I know took down their holiday decorations weeks ago, right after the new year rolled around. Not me, uh-uh. I still have my tree up in all of its glory.

The truth is that Christmas is probably my favorite holiday, and I always think of it as a time of being home, connecting with your loved ones, treating yourself to great food, listening to carols, and opening presents. It's hard letting go of the remnants of the holiday spirit in my life each January, simply because I would like to prolong the holidays as much as I can, at least in my mind. I am sappy like that.

The end of January is nearing, though, so whether I want it or not, I would have to take down the tree. I will keep my holiday wrath that I put on the table each year, as it gives my house a wintery look. Each spring I replace it with a spring wrath, but until that season rolls around, I will enjoy my pine cones, red berries and dried thistles.

Also, take a peak at some of my bird ornaments. I've gotten a bit obsessed with the birds in the past few years: what they symbolize, their imagery, how they pertain to my nickname and the name of this blog kosebose, how the fly in the sky...My bedroom was is pained with the silhouettes of birds flying, which you can see here, I did two twin paintings of flying birds for the living room,  and I have bird ornaments on my tree. It's great.



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