Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I happened to be in the seaside town of Balchik, enjoying a beautiful Saturday. I was very happy to be able to visit the town's landmark - the Balchik Palace and Botanical Garden, which was absolutely gorgeous. The complex consists of a Revival style central palace with a tower and a bunch of villas scattered around, all nestled in a lush park with bridges, romantic paths, colorful flower beds and a fragrant rose garden. The stone alcoves and wrought iron gates create a fairy-tale feel and make you wish you were wearing a ball gown. The sea view from the palace complex is simply breathtaking.
All through my walk, I kept thinking how this would be an amazing location for a wedding and wishing that I could photograph one there. It's got everything - beautiful garden, lovely old buildings, romantic stone arches, a small stream with a bridge going over it, the sea just beyond the name it, it's there! So while I'm waiting for someone to invite me to photograph their wedding there, check out some of my photos of the place and the flowers there.

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