Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sofia Breathes Festival Continues

I've had all week to post more photos from another Sofia Breathes Sunday, but time somehow got away with me, not to mention that now that the term is over, I am trying to catch up with friends, dance classes and random errands that I neglected before. Anyway, here I am... I meant to go to last week's festival day with some friends, but in the end they didn't feel like it. The thing is I love these kinds of events, so I went anyway and soaked up the energy and creativeness of all the arts and crafts on display.

Some crafters I already recognize from past festival days, but there were some new ones here, as well as some street performers that were quite entertaining.

This time the event was on Pirotska Str, right across from this beautiful building that has still not been restored properly. It used to be a bath house, and there is a mineral water spring close to it. In fact, quite a few music videos and photoshoots have been done here because it is such an interesting structure (just a side note).

The cool part about Sofia Breathes this year is that there are lots of things organized for kids, so if you are a parent, going to the festival would be a nice new thing to do with your kid and a way for the little ones to expend some of that endless energy they have.

These accessories below are really great; they are made of these old looking clocks and mechanisms that give them a vintage look. They had some really cool stuff for women, and even had some items for men that looked more masculine but still very unique.

Of course there was a multitude of stands featuring all kinds of unique dolls, clothes, and quilts.

These musicians were quite pleasant to listen to. I really like jazz, and listening to it on a summer evening outside seems like a really great night out to me.

The stand above had some cool displays that showed how animation is made, and it was popular among both the children and the adults.

These were two girls that gathered up quite the crowd with their silent performance. The giant soap bubbles were set out to fly above the crowd in the end, as kids chased them, and photographers went crazy photographing the performers. You can see one of them on the photo below. I took a photo of her in particular because she was shooting with a Mamiya that costs waay more than I can currently afford for a camera :).

Here is the second performer balancing a glass orb and doing all kinds of neat little tricks with it.

Until next time!

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