Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rainy Afternoon and Homemade Popovers

After the beautiful weather that we had yesterday, it's been pouring down rain all day today. It's the kind of day where you are better off staying inside and cuddling with a warm blanket and a book, or perhaps seeing a friend over tea and treats.

Back when I was graduating from Colby, I went to Acadia National Park with my parents. We spent a couple of days on Mount Desert Island touring Bar Harbor and Acadia, and it was gorgeous. I remember we were almost done with our tour of the park and we were about to head to Jordan Pond House when it started raining cats and dogs, so we hid inside and enjoyed some lobster stew and popovers with tea. Everything was so delicious, and it was nice to enjoy the rainy afternoon in such a cozy and pretty place.

So this morning when I saw the rain I thought back to that afternoon in Acadia National Park and decided to try and make some popovers. I used a recipe on, which turned out pretty great. Check it out here. It is for about a dozen popovers, which is quite a lot for me, but they are truly delicious. I had them with butter and French apricot jam, as well as with my homemade quince jam. Yummy!

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bairozan said...

Oh, precious memories :) It's both exciting and nostalgic to go back in time!

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