Monday, February 20, 2012


Wow, I haven't posted anything in close to a month...I've been so busy, though, I've barely had time to get any sleep, let alone write on my blog. I'm spreading myself way too thin with work, the MBA, various art projects, dance classes, and all those little errands that you have to do when you live alone, like get food or clean the house :) Anyway, the end of this quite terrible term in school is close to its end, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on all the stuff I want to blog about. Oh, and just to whine a little - I have an exam on my birthday...blah.

In between all the late nights spent working or writing papers, I somehow managed to print my new business cards, which I'm quite fond of. They are blue, unlike my current orange and green color scheme, and I think I might freshen up the design of my blog as well...we'll see.

So this is what I got printed - they are on 300 g paper with matte laminate, and they look very cool.

Here are my other color schemes and designs for the back of the card. I'll print the orange and the green at some point, too, but I'm still not sure when.


Jeremy Bryant said...

I understand where you are coming, I've been there at some point in my life. So good luck in that regard.

As for the business cards, I think they are awesome. I like the ones with the white background, it's much more soothing for my taste but the others look great as well.

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kosebose said...

The white background for the back of the card definitely looks better. I wanted a pop of color on the front, so it made sense to do it the other way around at the back :)

Staci Burruel said...

Good luck on your birthday exam. Hehehe. I'm sure you'll finish your MBA before you know it. Your business cards are so pretty. I love the simple yet striking layout.

kosebose said...

Yeah, I'm hoping I can finish the MBA by the end of next year, but I still have a long way to go:)

Joseph said...

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