Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Here are two videos that I find really interesting and couldn't wait to share with you:

Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance
Ok, let me just say that I find this video completely awesome! It is a stop-motion video created with 2096 still photographs that were sequences to create the illusion of movement. By the way, this was also made into an art exhibition later on, where you could buy each separate photo from the video.

Actual Video

Behind the Scenes

Diane Birch - Valentino
Weeks of rehearsals leading to a single-shot video...pretty cool, huh?
Check out the behind-the-screen (hihi) footage to see the crazy costume changes.

Actual Video

Behind the Scenes

Any other cool videos you've seen?

Oh, and just an aside: no copyright infringement is intended. I just really like these videos.


Pavel said...

two by ok go!



Pavel said...

you might have seen them though! :)

kosebose said...

I'd seen the second one, but I hadn't seen the one with the treadmills :)

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