Sunday, December 12, 2010


The holiday season is upon us, and I've been decorating like crazy. Since I might be moving soon, I bought a Christmas tree and for my new place and set out to make it pretty. At first, I was thinking of going with the traditional red and gold theme, but since my living room is in the white-beige-chocolate brown theme, I decided that red would be too gaudy. Then, I went to the other extreme by thinking about having a tree decorated entirely in white, but I decided that it would look to plain. Finally, I settled on a gold-silver-white color scheme, which would be Christmasy enough, while still stylish and elegant.
I bought a bunch of sparkly decorations: golden and silver balls, silver hearts, golden bells, white icicles, and fluffy white balls that look very much like snowballs. I wanted to have an angel on top of the tree, and after an extensive search, my mom actually found a suitable porcelain angel that is just adorable. She got me a bunch of smaller angels for the tree and the house, and I also got several golden angels who play different musical instruments. Instead of garlands, I decided to get a bunch of Christmas ribbons; this turned out to be a great idea because they made the tree look really classy. As a finishing touch to the decorations of the living room, I put a bunch of pine cones that I had gathered in the fall in big glass vases.

Here are some photos of my tree and my decorations:

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