Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Just last week I sold an abstract landscape that I had painted back in my Colby years, so I am quite excited. This is an oil on canvas that was a plein air assignment for one of my painting classes, and I painted this view of the Colby lake in the spring. By the way, I guess I should give a shout out to my painting professor at Colby, Bevin Engman. Her classes were hard and a ton of work, but it is her classes that got me started on the kind of abstract art that I do and sell now. I would have never followed such a path in art if it was not for her and her encouragement to study color carefully. I think I've come a long way by taking her class and continuing to paint after college. Still, I quite like how this painting turned out back then, and it seems that people liked it enough to buy it. The frame gave the work a finished look, so I thought the final product looked great.
Stay tuned for more art news to come!

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