Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Original Oil Painting Lilly Pond Now Available on Etsy

The abstract painting Lilly Pond is actually one of the first works that I painted after I came back to Bulgaria, and it is probably one of my favorite abstract works. I like the fresh liquid and floral feeling that it conveys, and I enjoy the gentle colors reminiscent of springtime days. The painting is now available on my shop: KoseBose's Etsy Shop

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Oil Paintings Available on My Esty Shop

After close to a month since my last post (wow, long time), I finally found the time to add a couple of oil paintings to my Etsy shop. I have added my Nocturne paintings, which consist of Nocturne: Ocean and Nocturne: Woodland. Here they both are:

I have always loved nights and the specific kind of quiet they bring about, which is not even quiet at all, but a kind of chorus of crickets, rustling of leaves, and the movement of the clouds. I am not an early bird, and I am rarely ever wide awake enough to enjoy early mornings properly. I am more of an owl, and I have often found myself wide awake at the wee hours of the night marveling at the feeling of peace that it can offer. Indeed, a lot of my artistic inspiration comes at night, perhaps simply because the world is asleep, and I can think without the phone ringing or without worrying about all the errands I have to do right now. These paintings were a way of trying to put these feelings on paper through color and stroke. I named them Nocturnes  after Chopin's nocturnes, which are some of my favorite pieces of classical music ever. They are beautiful, and even though I used to listen to them a lot while I was going through a rough patch, they don't necessarily carry a sad feeling. Instead, they are like an embrace, rocking you to sleep.

I hope you enjoy my art, and I also hope that some lucky person would buy the pair and enjoy these pieces of the night in his or her home.You can purchase the paintings here at my Etsy shop.
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