Monday, May 6, 2013

Hidden Corners

It turns out that there is a monastery in the neighborhood I live in, and it is a pretty nice one. It's barely even hidden, juts a tiny street off of the main road, but if you don't know that its there, you aren't very likely to just stumble upon it. I love finding hidden corners of a city, gems that you have to work for but that are oh so rewarding. We went there to light a candle on Easter day, and the cool shadows cast by the tall trees around the monastery buildings provided a nice spot to relax. Lately I've been craving the outside, or perhaps I've just been craving the peacefulness of nature on a beautiful day, like that special silence that is not really silence at all because there are leaves rustling and bees buzzing and birds chirping, but it feels like silence because it relaxes your mind. 

I forgot my camera at home, so I actually Instagrammed these photos with my phone. My HTC's camera is not bad, but it's not that amazing either; still, you can get a sense of the atmosphere.

Every day I tell myself that I will try to go out more, to meet more people, to worry less, to be less stressed by work, and yet I don't think I'm very successful. Everything feels like endless work, even this short holiday that we've had (although the phone not ringing alone was simply divine). My parents helped me a lot with the garden, though, and I do believe that in a few more years it will be a real paradise. I have sun loungers, and I hope that I can put them to good use this summer. Perhaps I'll try to study outside for a change.

I can't wait for my summer vacation. Boy have I earned it, and I hope that it is all I hope it would be.

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